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Hello, my name is Rebecca (Real Name), I'm almost an Artistic person. I have anxiety  since I was little, and most of all, I care to be an artist when I grow up! Suddently, I was trying my best to draw something I've ever done to myself. Everyone knows I have creativity, and people think they're proud of my drawings. Even when I'm board or have an Idea of my own, It doesn't matter. Like I was said, let's get to it!

~My life~

• When I was little, I have been making mistakes sometimes when I did something wrong for reasons, As I was started dumb ways I've did. My biggest turn offs are dumbest thing I have ever done before I gotten into trouble. Way often, I talked too much until Three years ago. I was very depressed about being a hurtful person. Since Six years ago, I have become better by being a better person and since I was feeling bad about myself, So, I miss being the old me. I have managed my life too much by being more active from being an opposite person by now. Literately, I should've been a stupidest person. Back to the past, I became a Super Mario fan, but not too active since Two years ago. I've drew alot of crossovers from Regular Show, Phineas and Ferb, Gumball, MLP (Often) and Mario. And my childhood memory from my Favorite Show, Yo Gabba Gabba (Apparently, I stopped being active and left the YGG Fandom because I was too old enough to watch). But suddently, I have noticed to play too much on the computer, So I stopped touching the compuer except Doing important things on it. I've learn alot of fun things and other Fun things I've ever done with my family. My father went to nigeria forever because He was afraid to go to jail. Last year, My Other Sister and her baby have to spent her life with Her husband (Which is She went to Capital Hights) So It my Big sister and My mother were was here with me. Two years ago, We have to go to My aunt's house in Ten months without My mother (My mother was homeless). But then, I missed being active in my aunt's house. My life was terrible when I was a toddler, Again, I have bad reasons about my childhood memories. My Skills are very accurate, but People think I did a better job.

~How I became a Pegasister?~

• I was watching MLP since in One Day, Six years ago. Four yards ago, I was first saw a PMV, I thought It was a dog video, But then again I was watching another PMV called "Fluttershy's Lament" and I thought it was My old favorite fan-made song EVER! My Sisters, My Cousins and My friends already knew My current Fandom by now. So I watched the whole Series of MLP over the summer nights (and mostly daylight). I've drew alot of Fanarts of MLP (The old ones I drew are not good), I watched some Fan-made MLP videos and it wad okay. I probably have MLP merchandise next year if so.

~My Oc~

• I was at school since Seventh Grade, I was board at class while we were watching Annie, Instead, I have to draw my OC even I did my best from drawing. Later, When I was at the tutoring class in the evening while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up, I went to the Computer to draw on MS Paint. I was very patient of what I've done draw my oc, So I posted it on G+ Page and decided my OC to be Primary. Five months ago, I made a Secondary OC, Cutie Mary. I honestly almost addicted to my OC drawn by Picsart, and I have some fanart of my OC, which is okay for me. Yes, I have friends on Picsart last year. My OC was great and people liked it!


• *Please don't make my personality Cringe*

I have autism since I was little, But now, often. I almost have speech problem because My mother thinks I did not talk too much, Apparently. I obeyed People who have very good personalities. My ability is Drawing. I've Practiced too hars because I was addicted from my experience. So, I have talented skills to draw and edit better. Also, I am very good at Editing. Sometimes, I have a little struggle from my lifetimes with my family when I'm upset. But that will make things worst for me through bad situations. I calm myself down by getting to know anything important.

~My Culture~

• I'm actually Nigerian person. I spent time  with my sister and my mom, Sometimes with my cousins. I wish I was trying to be white. I really like spicy foods in general. I usually sing, but not until Next year. I hate being such a cringe person. I made my drawings randomly (sometimes privately) among with some other brushes, especually shading, and coloring. I love EDM Music and sometimes, Vaporwave. I barely hate to watch Cringe videos. I sometimes hate Choclate, except Dark Choclate.

~How I started my Youtube Channel?~

•Two years ago, I have to make my Channel in Media class because I have to be able to make videos on my own. I have to personalize my channel perfect, since I was a very good Editor. At home, I decided to use Magisto to use MLP pictures to make a tribute to published it on Youtube. Unfortunately, I decided to make Magisto videos I've made to private. So a while ago, I use Windows Movie Maker (Which is I hate) to make My PMVs, which is I tried my best. I'm a little lazy to edit, but I would try to use Sony Vagas as possible if I have my own Laptop. I was more active on youtube to watch subscription videos currently. Also  I made Instagram, Tumblr (Not too active), Twitter, Picsart, Deviantart PicCollage and Facebook (Not avalible anymore).

So That's my About Me bio! Hope you enjoy!


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